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Ep11 - Tam Tams

Every Sunday in Montreal, hungover people travel to Mont-Royal and torture themselves by sitting through a huge drum party. Some people do drugs, some people play sports and some people dress up like elves and orcs and make it easier for women to further justify not sleeping with them.

Ep10 - Quebec Nude Student Protest!!!

They wanted to raise university tuition, so we got naked. How d'ya like them apples, "government?" 

Ep9 - Drunk Lesbian Model Fashion Show For Charity

Sometimes even drunk models feel the need to help out the less fornutate. God bless them. 

Ep7 - Old People at a Synagogue

I went to my Bubby's synagogue and talked with other elderlies. Then I kicked all their asses at bingo. Seriously. That part's in it. 

Ep4 - Sexy Zombie Zoo Fetish Party

I went to Le Belmont and talked to dead unicorns, decapitated bunnies, and diseased mice (and they were all sexed up!) Enjoy.

Ep6 - Religious Studies Blowout Party!!

If you thought Religious Studies students were wild then just wait until you attend one their parties! 

Ep3 - Quebec Tuition Hike Library Sleep-In Protest

Shower in the water fountains, bathe in the toilets... eat garbage. What's the big deal?

Ep5 - International Foursome Party

This video features excessive drunkeness as well as education about Montreal's heritage. Sometimes you learn things, and sometimes you drink so much that you forget things you once learned and seriously jeopardize your ability to learn things in the future. 

Episode 1 & 2 were filmed for CUTV and have since been deleted :(

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