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Ep32 - Best Comic Con Interview Ever!

"The inspiration comes from Kolgit Donos Pita 10, and please don't ask what happened in Pita 1 through 9." Ok.... we won't.

Ep29 -Black Model Party @ Black Fashion Week

I almost became a Black Fashion Icon that night. The proof's in the pudding...chocolate pudding... yum.

Ep31 -Bubby Sophie & Just for Laughs Comics

Veteran Just for Laughs comics Mike Ward & Deanne Smith visit my Bubby Sophie's apartment for some 1on1, special time. Hope you like fruits.

Ep28 -The Doll Show

I tried to unload some genuine baby parts at the Doll Show but no one wanted to deal.

Ep30 - Montreal Sinkhole Party

Backhoe/Sinkhole Party in heart of Downtown Montreal. Free entry with backhoe or any sort of tractor/trailer. Sewage on tap. 18+.

Ep27 - Canadian Grand Prix "Super-Fans" Montreal F1 2013

Love the Grand Prix? I don't. But good thing Canada has some of the greatest "superfans" in the world.

Ep26 - Sexapalooza!​​

Sexapalooza in all its glory.

Ep25 - My Grandmother Reads Mike Ward's Emails Live on Stage 

My 85 yr old Grandmother reads the email exchange between myself and the wonderfully problem-free Mike Ward on stage at the Montreal Sketch Comedy Festival. 

Ep24 - The Animal Charity

Even though dogs sometimes disrespect their women, we should still support the ones that are sick.

Ep23 - The National Women's Show

Ep22 - Igloofest!

Ep21 - Animal Hunting Festival!

It certainly was "The Ultimate Girl's Day Out!"

I went to Igloofest which an electronic dance festival. I wanted to fit in so I fed girls carrots and baby food.

I went to the Animal Hunting Festival. If you like feelings of genuine discomfort, this is the video for you!


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