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Ep20 - Anal Hygiene Tips for Movember!

Away from the orifice, away from the orifice, away from the orifice...

Ep19 - University Party

"It's for my private collection"... 

Ep18 - Touching Dogs

I've sometimes been accused of not caring for animals. Quite the opposite is true. If anything, I care too much.

Ep17 - Satan Worshiping Festival/ Quebec Day

Hey! Ya ever feel like celebrating St. Jean Baptiste Day AND Halloween all at the same time?!! Well, now you can!!! Happy Halloween Quebec!

Ep16 - Teens Ask About Sex

I went to Sexapalooza to ask sexperts questions sent in by, uh... "teenagers" who were too shy to ask their parents.

Ep15 - Montreal Burlesque Festival!

Sparkley tits, nipple decorations and feathers. Isn't this why you're watching my vids? 

Ep14 - Beau's Oktoberfest

Ep12 - Lesbian, Transexual & Gay Modelling Competition

EP11 - Montreal Beerfest!!!

I went to Beau's Oktoberfest. They gave me free beer and I drank it. Then I made everyone uncomfortable. 

I drank in another Evening to Remember at the Montreal Beerfest. I tried to feed girls pocket-cheese and steal their beer. 

Lesbian, Transexual and Gay models fight to the death in this episode. I arrived before the bloodshed started. The victor (the one with the breasts) ate everyone after she crushed them.   


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