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Adopt a Squirrel

Help city-dwelling squirrels escape the hardships of inner city life. For just $2,49 a day and a 7 year commitment, you can help make a difference.

The 2nd Date 

I just wanted to show my date how much I love her. I wrote this dance for her and performed it in the metro. She thought it was kind, but she wouldn't date me again :( 

Letters From The Audience

Come to the bathroom with me, so we can relax.

Introducing Bubby Sophie!

Meet my grandmother. She is not acting. 

What Not to Say While Speed Dating

Or you can say this if you want to make an impression. It's totally up to you :)

The Mastery of the Art of Cheffery - Ep 2. Reheating Thing in the MIcrowave

You don’t have to be Jewish to appreciate the skills it takes for a Grandmother to reheat things in the microwave. SPOILER ALERT: Bubby Sophie sings at the end.

The Angry Host - (St. Patrick's Day In Montreal)

The Mastert of the Art of Cheffery w/ Bubby Sophie - Boiled Eggs

In the first instalment of my Bubby Sophie's new cooking show, she teaches us how to boil eggs. 

Camping in Line for the iPhone6

Everyone thought I was stupid until they realized I was waiting in line for the iPhone 6.

Life's Real Heroes

This is a video I made for all the people out there who make our lives just a little less painful.

More energy. 


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