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Americans Sing Canadian National Anthem (for citizenship) 

My Reaction To Justin Trudeau's Violent Physical Contact In Parliament 

Even Sumo Wrestling Justin Trudeau Proves Canada's Love For Him Is Blind 

Time to start practicing. 

He had us at hello. 

Thank God no one else was hurt. 

How Quebecers Plan On Celebrating Queen Elizabeth's 90th Birthday 

God save the Queen?

Would You Vote For Donald Trump For Canadian PM? 



Montreal Declares Amber Alert In Wake Of Carey Price Injury 

Why do bad things always happen to good cities... (and Carey Price?)

Would You Marry Bernie Sanders To Give Him Canadian Citizenship?

I know I would.  

Justin Bieber Performs In Habs Dressing Room To Motivate Players

Is it too late to say sorry?

How I Single-Handedly Got Anthony Housefather Elected To Canadian Parliament 

I'm really good at politics. 

Torontonians Learn Popular Quebéc Expressions. 

You're welcome, Canada. 



For anyone who paid too much $$$ to Uber on NYE, this video’s for you. 

Old People Give Advice On Tinder Dating


See, they're good for something!

What Americans Think Of New Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

Not much!



Habs Fans Sports Cliches

This is what happens when you only speak in sports cliches. 

How I Got Lucky On Valentine's Day

Hopefully I won't be alone forever.

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