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How To Pick Up Girls On Facebook

A Quebec Anglophone's Honest Open Letter To The Language Police

The Language Police Hire Jean-Claude Van Damme

Take a lesson from The Master. 

This link was taken off YouTube due to copyright issues, but can be viewed on Facebook here:

The title says it all.  

8 Ways To Party Better In Montreal

If you have a hawt (sic) body, flaunt it, but please, for the love of the tabernacle, do so with some class.

Montreal: Where It's -10 But Feels Like - 40

A Montrealer's frustration with Winter.

        Only available on Facebook at:

Montreal Bagels Voted The Better Bagel By New Yorkers... With MTL Steak Spice

'Cause everything's better with steak spice. 

Montrealers List Their Top 10 Places To Speak French In Montreal

And answers to other ridiculous Questions. 

Watch Montrealers Try New York Bagels... With New York Cod Liver

Uh.. 'cause everything's better with cod liver?



Montrealers Introduces Its All-New Plans To Make Winter Easier For You

Even on the best of days, winter sends me into a panicky hissy fit. Thankfully, Mayor Coderre just released a list of initiatives aimed at softening Mother Nature’s wintery, cold grip on our fair city. 

Montrealers React To SAQ's Extremely Bold New Plans for 2015

Unlike summer where we drink to forget, in Winter we drink because we're sad.

Montrealer Raises Money For Cats With Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Our nation recently celebrated one of our most beloved holidays: National Cat Day. As a tribute to our fuzzy pals, I devoted my day to raising money for cats who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (excessive poo). Diarrhea is no laughing matter.

City of Montreal Finally Releases List To Combat Poo Smell


Montreal Ladybug Infestation Terrorizes The City

Last week, hordes of rabie-laced ladybugs terrorized sick people and the elderly. This week, The City of Montreal released a Public Safety Advisory with steps able-bodied people can take to protect themselves. Thank God. 

Montrealers React To The City's Bizarre Plans For Its 375th Anniversary


Here are some serious changes you can expect to see in Montreal in 2017 to celebrate our city’s 375th anniversary. Emotionally prepare yourself for this, it's serious.

Montrealers React To All New, Controversial Taxi-Safety Guidlines

This week the Montreal Police released a list on additional precautions (to not taking taxis alone) women can take to assure their own safety. 

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