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Fake Bio


Adam Susser is a widely respected comedian (formerly comedienne, see Annette Susser) writer, actor (of the stage and film), director, silent film editor (with leanings toward sad films), dance instructor, singer and dance instructor. Did I mention he's a dance instructor. Children love him. Adam is a founding member of The Japanese Power Ranger's Society. And his family. Which consists of himself. That's right ladies, he's looking for a wife. Adam has been performing stand-up comedy for approximately 10 years, and dance for 0 years. He also has 0 years of vocal training experience. He's shunned the dramatic arts as he doesn't feel it's a real artform. "Anyone can cry, but can anyone really laugh?” is a popular Adam Susser quote. Adam is a big supporter of KFC because, as he puts it, "Chickens would do the same to us if they could. Trust me." 


-Written in the third person by Adam Susser

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