Sleep Vs Rest (Gary Vee Parody)
The iPhone 11 Keynote Address In 2 Minutes

Wow, I'm impressed. 

Top 10 Places To Have Sex In Montreal Before You Die 

Bubby knows. 

Montreal Is Sooooo Habs

Former NHL tough guy Georges Laraque trade blows on camera together. 

Nick Suzuki rockets up Canadiens' depth chart: HI/O Show
It's Official: Montreal Wants an Adam Susser Burger

An episode of the Montreal Gazette's weekly hockey show that I host.

In the end, this actually worked :)

Kids Share Hockey Truths!
(Hockey Inside/Out)

They are the future.

The 2nd Date

I just wanted to show my date how much I love her so I wrote this dance for her and performed it in the metro :)

What Americans Really Think About New Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

No, he's not famous for canoeing. 

Torontonians Learn Popular Quebecois Expressions

I went to Toronto and taught everyone how to speak Français de Québec. You're welcome, Canada.

Adopt A Squirrel

Help Inner-city squirrels escape the hardships of city life. 

Montréal Est Tellement Anglophones Qui Parlent En Français! 


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